UK Lorries LTD,
N12 0DR

Registered in England & Wales as Company Number: 6812959

Terms & Conditions

Term and Conditions

1)    At all our vehicles are quoted in UK Sterling pounds, either in FOB or CIF terms depending on the requirements of the customer.

2)    We Sell our vehicles on a First come First Served basis.

3)    If your payment is late and the said vehicle is sold to another customer a similar vehicle with the same specifications maybe arranged for the same price.

4)    UK Lorries Ltd will endeavour to describe the vehicle as accurately as possible but we do recognize that vehicles pass through different hands on transit to our customers and we can not guarantee that the vehicle will arrive in the same condition to the customer’s destination as described.

5)    UK Lorries Ltd does not take any responsibilities in Odometer reading clocking issues that may have occurred, we only provide the information we receive from the auction and as it reads on the Odometer readings.

6)    All of the Vehicles that are listed on our web site catalogue are used vehicles and a certain level of tolerance on the general condition of the vehicle has to be considered.

7)    Customers must be 18 years or over to buy a vehicle from UK Lorries Ltd, anyone younger than 18 years can buy a vehicle through their parents or guardians.

8)    Vehicles are sold under the term “sold as it is where it is basis”.

9)    If a situation arises that is reasonable for a cancellation and a refund, UK Lorries Ltd will deduct a 10% of the payment received as banking fees and administration costs.

10)    Refunds will only be made to the same account that the money was sent to us and not any other accounts.

11)    Upon receipt of full payment, vehicles will be delivered and the consignee shall bear all the bank charges and expenses

12)    Should any dispute arise and a dialogue between concerned parties fail, the English law holds the exclusive jurisdiction over the resolution of the dispute in an English Court of Law.

If you do not agree with these terms and conditions then please do not use this website.